State Representative David Maloney Endorses Carla Sands for U.S. Senate

Today, Representative David Maloney of Pennsylvania’s 130th State House District announced his endorsement of Carla Sands for the United States Senate.

“Carla is a get things done kind of person. She never does anything halfway. Trust me she will call and call again until she gets the answer she wants. That’s the kind of person I want fighting for me in Washington,” said State Representative David Maloney. “Carla has the experience of standing up to tough adversaries in the business world and overseas so I am confident she will be an effective fighter against the radical left in Washington. Carla understands that Pennsylvanians want a return to normalcy from reasonable gas prices to safer streets and will always put Pennsylvania First, and that’s why I have joined so many others in announcing my support.”

David Maloney has represented Berks County for over a decade in the state legislature, where he has fought to reduce overall state taxes and eliminate the property tax on our homestead/farmstead passing a constitutional amendment. He is a devoted public servant and a strong conservative. 

State Representative David Maloney joins the growing list of fearless conservatives, from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to a substantial list of former Trump administration officials, who have put their support behind Carla, signaling their confidence in her as the only candidate who can win not only the primary but the general as well.