Carla Sands Releases New Ad Vowing to Protect Americans by Fighting for America First Border Policies in Washington

Camp Hill, PA – Today, Ambassador Carla Sands, former economic advisor and Ambassador to Denmark under President Donald Trump, released her newest ad, Protect Our Citizens, in which she bashes the Biden administration for their failure at the border and promises to stop Biden’s open border policies and to continue fighting to protect our citizens by building President Trump’s border wall.

“It was the honor of my lifetime to serve in President Trump’s administration. We fought for policies that worked and helped secure our border. The Biden administration is failing us. Every day there is a new headline about drugs and criminals pouring over our border,” said Sands. “It’s time to bring back the America First policies that I fought for in the Trump administration. We need to secure our border and build the wall. I’m the only candidate that can be trusted to get this done because I am the only candidate with the experience fighting for President Trump’s winning policies in the Trump administration.”

Although other candidates may claim to be America First conservatives, the fact remains that Carla is the only one in this race who worked in the Trump administration, campaigned for President Trump in 2016, and opened her home for a fundraiser for President Trump in 2016.

Unlike others, Carla Sands supported President Trump from the beginning and didn’t just jump on the American First train for the polling points. She truly believes in the winning policies she helped President Trump to enact during her time as ambassador and hopes to fight for them in the Senate to better the lives of Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth.

The new advertisement is the sixth that Carla has released. Carla is committed to keeping up her communication with voters during her tour around the state and through her advertisements.

Watch the new advertisement HERE:

Protect Our Citizens :30

Carla Sands: The Biden administration wants to give amnesty and huge taxpayer checks to illegal immigrants.

Is it any wonder illegal border crossings are at a 20 year high?

I’m Carla Sands. As your next senator, I will fight back against Biden’s open border policies.

No taxpayer funded checks for illegal immigrants and no amnesty.

Let’s finish President Trump’s wall and ban sanctuary cities.

I approve this message because it’s time we protect our citizens and enforce our immigration laws.