Fayette County Republican Commissioners Dave Lohr and Scott Dunn Endorse Carla Sands for U.S. Senate

Fayette County Republican Commissioners Dave Lohr and Scott Dunn announce their endorsements of Ambassador Carla Sands for United States Senate today. Commissioners Lohr and Dunn announced that Pennsylvania needs a Senator who is ready on Day One to solve the big issues facing America in ways that directly help Pennsylvanians here at home. The Commissioners cite her firm principles and expertise in national security, trade and diplomacy as the reason Ambassador Sands is the right choice for the residents of Fayette County.

“Fayette County relies on our abundant natural resources to keep our economy moving and residents prosperous. That’s why it is critical we elect Ambassador Carla Sands to the U.S. Senate. No other candidate in this race has a plan to reactivate our energy potential and make America energy dominant again. She is the only candidate in this race who is tough on China and the Southern Border. Ambassador Sands clearly recognizes that the Fentanyl crisis begins in China and makes its way into our community through our Southern Border. She is the only one committed to fighting this issue head-on. Electing Carla Sands to the Senate means ending our dependence on foreign oil, more jobs for Fayette County, and less lives lost due to Chinese Fentanyl.” – Fayette County Commissioner Dave Lohr.

Ambassador Carla Sands is the only Senate candidate who fought to elect President Donald Trump and fought to carry out his agenda by working in his Administration. Carla improved American trade when she served on President Trump’s Economic Advisory Council and as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark. Fayette County is Trump Country. Carla Sands will take her Pennsylvania First Agenda to Washington D.C. and fight for our best interests every day.” – Fayette County Commissioner Scott Dunn.

Commissioner Dave Lohr is serving his second term in office and presides as Chairman of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Scott Dunn is in his first term in office and serves on the Boards for EMS in Crisis Taskforce of CCAP; Human Services & Education Steering Committee of NaCO; and Board of Directors of Fayette County Community Action.

Fayette County is one of the Trump “Surge” Counties in Pennsylvania – Counties that performed a net-20 percent higher in 2016 than in 2012. The endorsement of both of the County’s Republican Commissioners demonstrates that Ambassador Carla Sands is the candidate of choice for Pennsylvanians who want an America First fighter in the United States Senate.

Commissioners Lohr and Dunn add to the growing list of conservative leaders backing Carla Sands for United States Senate. They join fellow Harrisburg-native and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as well as President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, among many others.

Their endorsements of Ambassador Carla Sands signals that she is the only Republican candidate who can win Pennsylvania in November and be ready on Day One to fight for the America First agenda, tackling the big issues that help our voters here at home.