Carla Sands Wins Major Endorsements in Tioga County

All Three County Commissioners, Former State Lawmaker Back “Conservative Who Can Win”

HARRISBURG, PA – Ambassador Carla Sands is touting major endorsements from Tioga County leaders today. The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate now has the backing of former State Representative and House Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Baker, as well as Tioga Commissioners Roger Bunn, Erick Coolidge, and Mark Hamilton.

Former Representative Baker, who stepped down from elected office to serve in the Trump Administration, called Ambassador Sands the “true America First candidate” in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race. “Carla Sands is a known quantity with a proven track record. She is a woman of faith who brings a wealth of business acumen and distinguished public service,” Baker said today. “Like me, Carla worked tirelessly to elect President Trump and served in his Administration. For the sake of our country, the Republican base needs to immediately unite around a real Pennsylvania conservative – somebody who can win, and somebody we can trust. Carla Sands is that candidate.”

Commissioner Bunn’s endorsement focused on Ambassador Sands’ local roots and conservative values. “Carla Sands was raised here in Pennsylvania,” Bunn said today. “We can trust Carla to defend the rights, interests, and values of Pennsylvanians.”

Commissioner Coolidge hailed Ambassador Sands’ solutions-focused mindset in his endorsement today. “From the opioid crisis to out-of-control inflation, a lot of Pennsylvanians are hurting right now,” Coolidge said. “Carla is a conservative problem-solver who understands the mission of government is to serve the people, not the other way around.”

Echoing Baker’s sentiments, Commissioner Hamilton stressed the need for conservatives to rally behind Ambassador Sands. “Carla not only shares our conservative values – she is by far the most electable candidate in the field,” Hamilton said today. “I strongly urge my fellow Republicans to vote for Carla Sands on May 17. Let’s unite and win!”