Clinton County GOP Chairman Kurt Smith Supports Carla Sands for U.S. Senate

Today, Clinton County Republican Committee Chairman Kurt Smith announced his unequivocal support of Carla Sands for United States Senate. Chairman Smith emphasized that Ambassador Carla Sands is the only candidate in the race that faith-based conservatives can trust to protect religious liberty and the rights of the unborn.

“It is my honor and privilege to grant my strong support to the candidacy of Ambassador Carla Sands for United States Senate. Carla is a true America First conservative who will fight every day for our country and to protect the lives of our most precious, the unborn. During her three years as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, she worked with nearly every federal governmental department. This experience makes Ambassador Sands the only candidate in the race that is not in need of on-the-job training. Highlights of her dedication include working with EUCOM, NATO and the Department of Defense to deter the Russian military and Chinese economic aggression. She is also a firm believer in the 1st amendment and freedom of religion which has come under attack by the woke left. Carla is the leader we can count on to shield our children from radical indoctrination in our schools including CRT and has spoken out on the necessity of protecting women’s sports in our country. These are some of the reasons why I am voting for her. I am proud to support Carla Sands for U.S. Senate and encourage like-minded values voters to do the same.” – Clinton County GOP Chairman, Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith has served as Chairman of the Clinton County Republican Party for sixteen years and is a widely recognized leader in the faith-based conservative movement in Pennsylvania. Chairman Smith adds to a growing list of prominent conservative Republican figures who have given their support to Carla Sands for U.S. Senate, including Harrisburg native and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and many others.
In addition, Ambassador Sands has received the endorsement of the Lebanon and Northumberland County Republican Committees as well as the Fayette and Tioga County Republican Commissioners.

Their endorsements further prove that Carla Sands is the Republican candidate best suited to win Pennsylvania in November and restore Republicans to the majority in the United States Senate.