Carla Sands on H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act

Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) released the following statement from Carla Sands, Vice Chair of the Center for Energy & Environment at AFPI, regarding H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, which seeks to protect the American people from overreaching federal mandates that limit consumer choice on home appliances.

“The Biden Administration is waging war on American energy and our quality of life. This administration has issued a long line of aggressive regulations on everyday appliances like gas-powered stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, light bulbs, and water heaters. While Washington bureaucrats steal consumer choice away from the American people for the appliances they depend on, these regulations virtue signal emission reductions.

The American people will pay the price, with regulations often forcing consumers to buy higher-cost and lower-performing appliances or putting certain appliances entirely out of financial reach.

Instead, Americans should be free to choose their home appliances, fueling the free-market competition that drives high performance and innovation. Congress must protect Americans from these counter-productive regulations that intrude into every aspect of their daily lives. It is time to say, ‘Hands Off Our Home Appliances.’”