Carla Sands’ Priorities

America First Policies:

Carla fully supports the America First agenda.  She will always advocate to expand opportunity and protect your constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and religion.

Reasserting United States Energy Dominance:

She will work to promote sound energy policy to achieve American energy independence. Carla advocates for permitting and regulatory reform.

Fighting Inflation:

Reckless government spending has caused inflation.  Carla believes that stopping Washington’s out-of-control spending and promoting American energy independence must be our highest priorities to reduce inflation and grow our economy.

Defeating the Socialist Agenda:

Carla will continue to fight to save our economy from radical socialist programs and the $9 trillion in recent government spending. This recent government spending causes inflation which is a massive stealth tax increase on American families, seniors, and small businesses.

Protect the Second Amendment:

Carla will work to protect your right to legally bear arms. She will not waiver in her belief that as a law-abiding American, you have the Constitutional right to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Standing Up for Our Heroes in Uniform:

Carla believes in funding our police to protect our communities from rising crime which is a result of soft-on-crime policies.

Securing Our Borders:

Carla believes we must secure our border and finish the wall in order to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs like fentanyl, the number one killer of Americans from 18 to 49.

Protecting Our Children’s Innocence and Life:

Carla believes in protecting life from beginning to end.  She will advocate for our children’s innocence and opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory to our children.

Work to Secure Our Elections and Advocate for Voter ID:

Carla will work to secure our elections, as well as, work to ban the influence of private money from controlling our election process.