Carla Sands’ America First Platform

America First Policies:

Carla will put the needs of Pennsylvanians first and fight to grow job opportunities. She will always fight to protect your constitutionally protected rights including freedom of speech and religion.

Asserting United States Energy Dominance:

Carla will be Pennsylvania’s unwavering energy Senator.  She won’t stand for Biden’s Green New Deal attacks on Pennsylvania energy jobs and Pennsylvania’s farmers.  She will fight for increased natural gas production and end our reliance on foreign oil.

Fighting Inflation:

Carla has a plan to lower the prices at the gas pump and the grocery store by stopping Biden’s reckless spending.

Shredding Joe Biden’s Socialist Agenda:

Carla will fight every day to save our economy from Joe Biden’s radical social programs and $7 trillion spending bills. They’re a massive tax on Pennsylvania families, seniors, and small businesses.

Stopping the Leftist Gun Grab: 

Carla will always protect your right to legally bear arms against radical ‘gun-grabbing’ Democrats aiming to take your rights away. Carla will never waver in her belief that as a law-abiding American, you have the Constitutional right to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

Standing up for our Heroes in Uniform:

Carla will always vote to fund our police in order to protect our communities and cities from crime.

Securing Our Border with a Wall:

Carla will work to secure our border and finish Trump’s border wall in order to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs like fentanyl.

Stop Indoctrination of Our Children and Protect Life:

Carla will always vote to protect life both at the beginning of life and at the end of life and she will work to stop the Biden Administration’s radical policies. She will work to protect our childrens’ innocence and ban Critical Race Theory indoctrination of our schoolchildren.

Stop the Radical Left Takeover of Our Elections:

Carla will work to secure our elections by stopping the federalization of our elections and work to ban Mark Zuckerburg and his friends from stealing our elections.