Op-Ed: Biden’s Mandates Are Just Starting

As a student of history and a proud conservative, I have always taken pride in the American belief in personal liberty. The power of the individual to determine their own fate is critical to every aspect of the American ethos. We read books about heroes accomplishing great deeds against the odds, watch as our athletes compete against one another, and, of course, see those values reflected in our governing documents. 

Unfortunately, instead of embracing that great American tradition of empowering individuals to make decisions for themselves, Joe Biden and his administration have decided to mandate the healthcare decisions of millions of Americans.

We can all remember when President-elect Biden said “No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory,” when asked in December 2020 his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine. Even Biden didn’t agree with vaccine mandates and knew it would not be within his power as president. I guess this just shows the power that the Biden administration thinks they are entitled to grab.

The Biden administration labels those who disagree with his overreaching mandates as “anti-science” and “backward.” But they are blinded by their own dogma. They believe that they are entitled to tell their fellow Americans how to live their lives, how to raise their children and how to make decisions that should be made by individuals in consultation with their doctor.

Those of us who oppose Biden’s mandates aren’t advocating for or against the vaccine, but for the freedom of every American to make their own decisions. We believe that mandating health decisions is a slippery slope to tyranny. 

Furthermore, let’s not forget that these mandates have severe consequences on our general economic health. Despite another month of severely disappointing employment numbers, the Biden administration has decided to level yet another crushing weight onto the shoulders of employers.  

The new mandate that requires businesses with over 100 employees to make their employees get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing is disastrous to these businesses. As a businesswoman, I know firsthand the small margins and delicate cash-flow situations that so many small businesses face on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Implementing costly testing programs or removing employees from an already diminished employee pool because they are not vaccinated could kill the small businesses that have already suffered so much over the past few years. In a time when employers are having to offer inflated wages and unprecedented starting bonuses just to get workers in the door, another non-budgeted expense is the last thing they need. 

These vaccine mandates are part of an overarching agenda of increasing the power of Washington bureaucrats over individuals. The Biden administration is using this horrible pandemic, which originated in China, as an excuse to exert government control in a variety of ways. As soon as they took office, they used relief funding intended to help small businesses to force their socialist Green New Deal on America.

They are using the damage caused by the pandemic to push a budget that is the next step in implementing this dangerous set of priorities whose ultimate goal is to tell Americans how they heat their homes, what they feed their children and what kind of car they can drive. There is no end to their takeover of American freedoms.

My point is simple: sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates are just Washington seizing power over individuals. It’s time that we put personal liberty above politics and allow everyone to make their own risk assessment and decide if they want to get the vaccine, smoke or eat fast food. Let the people, not the politicians, decide.

Throughout our history, when faced with difficult decisions, the American people have always persevered. As a descendant of hardy western Pennsylvanians who fought for our liberty in the American Revolution and to defend our union during the Civil War, I am running for the U.S. Senate to honor their legacy by protecting the liberty they fought and died for.

Featured in Townhall