The Biden Administration’s Regulatory War on Car Choice

Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) released the following statement from Ambassador Carla Sands, AFPI’s Vice Chair of the Center for Energy & Environment, on the Biden Administration’s final tailpipe emissions rule. The rule, issued by the rogue Environmental Protection Agency, uses impossibly high tailpipe emissions standards to force auto manufacturers into selling electric vehicles (EVs) and to restrict access to internal combustion engines.

“The Biden Administration’s latest disastrous regulation is a de facto EV mandate and is part of the multi-pronged war on car choice. This rule represents a massive regulatory overreach that aims to force EVs on the American people while stripping Americans of consumer choice and putting cars entirely out of financial reach for millions of Americans. It will also destroy an estimated 117,000 auto manufacturing jobs across Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Bureaucrats in Washington have no right to decide what kind of cars Americans should or should not buy. This un-American overreach, and other efforts to force EVs on the American people, must be reversed.”