U.S. Senate Candidate Ambassador Carla Sands Blasts President Biden For Being Out Of Touch With Americans

Today, Former Trump Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands blasted President Biden for being out of touch with Americans. This comes on the heels of new polling released this morning showing that only 28% of Americans would vote to reelect Joe Biden. At a time where gas prices in Pennsylvania are the highest of any state east of the Rockies, Pennsylvanians are struggling and need someone who will fight for them and push back against Biden and his out-of-touch policies.

“Like many other Americans, it seems like we wake up every day to a new poll that shows Americans are tired of Biden’s policies and what they are doing to their wallets and I can’t say I am surprised. As I travel the state, I hear from people time and time again talk about how soaring gas prices, the labor shortage, and the supply chain issues are putting a burden on their family and business,” said Ambassador Carla Sands. “They tell me that it doesn’t seem like Biden even cares as he continues to push his Bernie Sanders politically-motivated agenda with no regard to their everyday problems. As our next Senator, I will continue to listen to the people I represent and make decisions that put Pennsylvania First. I wish Biden would do the same.”

While Sands continues advocating for President Trump’s economic policies that helped Americans to thrive creating the strongest economy in recent history, Lamb and radical socialist John Fetterman are in a race to the left. When taking into account Carla’s business experience and America First successes on Trump’s economic advisory council, there remains no greater contrast than that between Sands and her Democratic opponents as she continues to push back against Joe Biden’s agenda.