U.S. Senate Candidate Ambassador Carla Sands Blasts President Biden For Giving $308 million of “Humanitarian Aid” to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan

Camp Hill, PA – Today, Former Trump Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands blasted President Biden for giving $308 million in “humanitarian aid” to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. This comes on the heels of Biden abandoning tens of millions of dollars worth of American military equipment in Afghanistan during the disastrous pull-out. 

“Remember when Biden and Obama gave pallets of cash to Iran? Now the Biden administration is giving $308 million worth of ‘humanitarian aid’ to a country controlled by the Taliban – control given to them by the Biden administration. This is just more of the same dangerous foreign policies from the Biden administration,” said Ambassador Carla Sands. “We desperately need leaders who will put Americans’ safety first. As Pennsylvania’s next Senator, I will push back against the Biden administration and fight for the America First foreign policies that I helped craft in the Trump administration. This has to stop.”

While Sands continues advocating for President Trump’s foreign policies that made America safer and the strongest economy in recent history, Lamb and radical socialist John Fetterman are in a race to the left. When taking into account Carla’s extensive foreign policy experience and America First successes, there remains no greater contrast than that between Sands and her Democratic opponents.